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We Service: Tube Amp Repair, Power Amp Repair, High-End Audio Repair, and More

Recent Pro Audio Repair

Scully 280 Tape Machine
Scully 280 Tape Machine

Scully 280 Tape Machine - The machine had a burned auto-transformer in the power supply, which is no longer available. We replaced it with two external transformers. Also, we re-capped the entire machine and repaired other issues.

EMI 806 Mic Pre
EMI 806 Mic Pre

EMI 806 Mic Pre Pair Repair - Completed a racking job started by someone else, test, minor repairs.

Vintage SAE Stereo Graphic EQ Pair

Vintage SAE Stereo Graphic EQ Pair Repair - modify for +4dbm in/out - these EQs came from Capitol Studios, who had added their own dual Jensen 990 op-amp circuit, called the 2990 card. We found multiple bad solder joints and broken pc boards traces, broken coil wires and bad parts.

Tube Works Real Tube Reverb

Tube Equipment Repair:Tube Works Real Tube Reverb - cleaned and lubed pots, replaced bad capacitors.

Syndrum Quad Drum Machine

Syndrum Quad Drum Machine Repair - two channels didn't work - repaired bad solder joints, replaced bad capacitors, replaced jack and pot.

Thomas Bandmaster 55 Percussion Machine
Thomas Bandmaster 55 Percussion Machine

Thomas Bandmaster 55 Percussion Machine Repair - No output - found and replaced bad on/off footswitch, cleaned dirty switch connections.

Synare Hi Tom

Synare Hi Tom Drum Pad Repair - no output - found and replaced bad diode and bad capacitors.

Pearl Syncussion

Pearl Syncussion Repair - clean and lube all pots and switches, locate and repair bad connection on pc board.

Krautrock Phaser KRP1

Krautrock Phaser KRP1 Repair - No output - replaced blown fuse.

SSL FX G384 Compressor
SSL FX G384 Compressor

SSL FX G384 Compressor Repair - No audio, meter acting weird - replaced most electrolytic capacitors, repaired bad ribbon connector.

Technics RS1500 Reel to Reel
Technics RS1500 Reel to Reel

Technics RS1500 Reel to Reel - sitting in garage for years - clean and lube all switches and pots, replace bad electrolytic capacitors, align transport and heads, adjust electronics.

3M M79 24-Track
3M M79 24-Track

3M M79 24 Track Repair Project - going through three machines, getting them in tip-top shape.

3M M79 24-Track
3M M79 24-Track
Marshall 3203 Guitar Amp
Marshall 3203 Guitar Amp

Marshall 3203 Tube Guitar Amp Repair - low volume, loud pops - replaced all pots, replaced all electrolytic capacitors, replaced bad tube.

JBL 7126 Compressor
JBL 7126 Compressor

JBL 7126 Compressor - was noisey and compression did not work correctly - found and replaced a bad NPN transistor in the front of the line amp driver circuit.

Avalon VT747SP
Avalon VT747SP

Avalon VT747SP - one side not working - found and repaired bad internal connection.

Hafler P230 Power Amp

Hafler P230 Power Amp Repair - one side didn't work - found and repaired bad connection in power supply on left side.

Repair Terms:

• By appointment only: please contact us via email to schedule a drop-off, pickup, or shipment of equipment.

• Our shop rate is $50.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

• We have a non-refundable $50 diagnostic fee ($75 for equipment shipped to us), due in advance, which gets applied to the repair cost.  After diagnosis, we will send you an estimate via email. If the estimate includes more than $50 in parts, we will require an additional advanced payment to cover the price of the parts.

• Most of our estimates are accurate, but occasionally we must increase the price if we find additional repairs are needed.  For example: if the equipment will not turn on, the original estimate is for repairing its power problem, and upon repairing the power problem we discover other problems, we will notify you of additional charges.

• Most repairs are completed within 2 weeks.  Exceptions to this term are when we need parts that take longer to receive.  We will inform you in the estimate the expected completion time.

• All repair charges are due upon the completion of the repair.

• Equipment left with us over 30 days from completion, or not paid for within 30 days, will be considered abandoned and the equipment becomes our property to dispose of as we see fit.  An exception to this term would be if the repair is paid upon completion and arrangements are made with us to store the equipment for an agreed upon period.

• We have a 90-day parts and labor warranty on all repair work. The warranty period begins upon the completion of the repair, not when it is picked up.


Pay Diagnostic Fee Online

If you want to pay the diagnostic fee via Paypal or Credit card, select whether you are dropping off the equipment or shipping it, and click on the "Buy Now" button below:


Diagnostic Fee

Shipping Instructions:



If you are shipping your equipment to us, please send an email to:

Crown power amplifier
Crest power amplifier

Power Amplifier Repair is one of our specialties.  If we have, can obtain, or you have schematics and we can get the parts, we can probably repair the power amp.

QSC power amplifier
Hafler power amplifier

Teletronix LA2A
Neve module

Vintage Audio Gear Repair and High-End Audio Repair; Again, with schematics and part availability, we can fix it.

tube guitar amp
MacIntosh power amplifier

Tube Equipment Repair.  With schematics and parts, we can fix it.

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