The Lab

As part of our dedication to the science in audio, we have built a lab with the test equipment and tools needed to ensure that our products and services are top-notch. Our clients demand excellence and we thrive on delivering it.
We use circuit analysis, computer aided design, and PC board design software to help with our research and design.

Our lab equipment includes the following:
• Audio Precision System One Analyzer
• Tektronix 2445 and TDS2012 Oscilloscopes
• Hewlett-Packard 8903B Audio Analyzer
• Hewlett-Packard 5385A Frequency Counter
• Hewlett-Packard 5006A Signature Analyzer
• Hewlett-Packard 3312A Function Generator
• Hewlett-Packard 3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator
• Fluke 3340A/AF Digital Voltage/Ohm Meter
• Hickok Tube Tester
• Leader LFM-39A Wow & Flutter Meter
• Tentel Tentelometer Tape Tension Gauge
• EDS In Circuit DCR ESR Cap Analyzer
• Custom Designed Test Equipment
• Various hand-held meters for testing
• B2 Spice Circuit Analysis Software
• Lots of tools
• We don’t have a good camera or lighting for these photos…

We have designed and built some of our own test equipment for real-world testing.
We keep a good inventory of the parts needed for vintage equipment repair, high-end equipment repair, and prototyping our designs.